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Alejandro Borgese

Alejandro Borgese, was born in 1970 in Mar del Plata, Argentina. He is specialized in advertising photography accompanied with extensive nature themed editorial experience. His book “Everglades National Park” enjoys wide recognition not only in the U.S. but also in Europe, where Borgese is also represented as an author by the prestigious publishing house Lunwerg Editors: Grupo Planeta.
Alejandro perfectly dominates what we could catalog as nature themed advertising photography. When it comes to capturing the simplicity and naturalness of life, its ingredients and landscapes, a photographer with the international stature of Alejandro helps any creative team to capture the pure and natural essence of the message, and the provocative feeling that accompanies.
His advertising work has been brought to life in campaigns for Coca-Cola, Honda, American Express, Disney, HBO, among others. His work has won awards at festivals such as the FIAP in the category of Graphics for the campaign Trident White, and in the National ADDYs in the categories of Graphics and Television, on three different occasions.
In March 2013, he joined the roster of Miami Film Roll, where he is represented for the entire U.S. market.