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Charlie Mainardi

Charlie Mainardi began his career as a photographer over 25 years ago but it was not just that, quickly his talent and abilities led him to trade and later to produce films that were released in the most conveners theaters in the country and even, to be released internationally directing. Today is summoned to projects as diverse as him. In its early days in advertising photography worked for brands such as Ford, Renault, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen both in Argentina and in Europe, the United States and Asia, with regard to cars, one of their specialties, for which he is wanted for around the world to capture a unique style . He also gained great experience and works with special emphasis in the area of ​​beauty and food, requiring maximum detail and care.
Come the time of moving pictures and a professional challenge to overcome, that he made with success for Toyota, winning the award for best commercial car of the year in Mexico, which would mark a turning point in his career and particularly with “Coca Cola for everyone,” one of the most awarded business internationally. Since then earns awards here and in the world being represented in USA, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Buenos Aires from Pocha productions, his own company.
In film he has served as action director on “The Legend” in “Farewell” and “Crusades”. Audiovisual communication has many channels expression and Charlie is not out of any of them, which also produced a book for Clarín Pupi Zanetti by the Foundation, with the best athletes in Argentina and one of La Isla Maciel. For its diversity and ability to adapt to the various challenges became an indisputable visual reference.