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Patricio Sadovskis

Patricio Sadovskis born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 21, 1978, comes from a working-class family. At a young age, Patricio knew he did not want to have a traditional career – he wanted to be an artist!
At the age of 16 he began working in the television industry.
There he learned the initial steps of the business.
In 2000 Patricio left Buenos Aires, and lived in various cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and London for 9 years.
In 2008 he presented his first exposition DECORTACTIVA in Spain. There he displayed photographs of his vision of various places, cities, and countries.
LEVITAR was his second exposition where he displayed his photography from working with the Ballet Company of Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires.
Following the footsteps of his grandfather, who was a successful photographer in the 80´s, Patricio never stopped researching innovative techniques in photography, videography, and postproduction.
in 2009 he went back to Argentina and built – a production company, that´s specializes in Abobe the line and Below the line marketing. After a while he realized it was time to expand and show his talent to the world.
In 2012, he had the honor to be a judge at the Miami Short Film Festival. It was then he decided to stay in the United States and take his career to another level.
Today, his work as a photographer and film director is known in many countries thanks to the opportunities that have crossed his path.